Art work

Creating a New Label

Team Printing Inc. specializes in creating quality labels for a variety uses, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, barcodes, beverages, food and more. If you’re looking for new ideas for your brand and product, our team members will work with you to create something unique and eye-catching. Labels should stand out, while providing intrigue and knowledge, based on the product it’s dressing. We understand the need for market focus, as well as the care that must be used in design for each label. Every customer has individual needs, and we’ll treat your label as such. When you bring your labeling needs to Team Printing Inc., know your brand is in the best hands.

Label Restoration

Perhaps your business already has a label in use, but you’d like to update it. Team Printing Inc. can provide a new look for you. Labels don’t last forever, they change with the times—they change to appeal to a new market, or a more mature market, and they change to continuously compete with other brands. Our team members will work with you to find out what necessary changes your label should incur to attract your target market.

Formatting Specifications:

  • For much of our label work, we prefer receiving electronic imaging. However, in some cases, we will accept negative or black and white photographs. Electronic artwork should maintain a resolution of 300 or 600 dpi. Please contact for more information in regards to your artwork.
  • Any artwork files must be sent as a hardcopy or as a PDF.
  • Accepted software includes Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign, FreeHand, CorelDRAW and QuarkXPress.
  • If your artwork needs to be compressed, please use Stuff-it or Disc Doubler for Macintosh, and WinZip for Windows.
  • If your artwork needs to be compressed, please use Stuff-it or Disc Doubler for Macintosh, and WinZip for Windows.
  • Team Printing Inc. will handle all trapping necessary for your artwork.
  • your list item
  • Please contact us to discuss any opaque images. Generally, we prefer every customer leaves in the background when working with high opacity. Further, please allow all aspects within the files may be edited before sending them.
  • Any scanned artwork should be sent in high resolution in CMYK (we use the CMYK process, not the RGB process).
  • When working with screen angles, place cyan at 7.5, magenta at 37.5, yellow at 82.5 and black at 67.5 degrees for the best results.
  • And finally, be sure to keep the line screen at a minimum of 133.

Please contact us at for any further inquiries regarding your artwork.